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"Parents of 3-6-year-olds (sometimes even younger) contact me on a regular basis requesting private voice lessons for their young children. Instead of teaching them privately I invite them to try out a 'mommy and me' music class I teach, Music Together®. It is wonderful that they want their children to be taught music, however, children aged birth until around 5 or 6 learn better in a nonformal setting. Meaning, instead of measuring the child's musical achievements we give the child a musically rich experience with their parents or caregivers. All the music we explore in class each week is available to each of the families outside of class so that they can continue the music making at home. Our parents and/or caregivers are our best teachers! By modeling their behavior we learn how to speak, eat, walk, and even learn basic music competence (BMC), which is the ability to sing in tune and keep an accurate rhythm in their body. Once a child has achieved BMC, they can then move on to learning how to play an instrument, sing in a choir, or eventually move on to private voice instruction."

Jacqlyn Edwards

Music Together® of Winchester


"You live in a metropolitan city.  There are musicians that live all around you who perform locally on a regular basis.  

We like to buy local, eat local and shop local because you know that your hard earned dollars are generally going int he pockets of locally owned business owners who are going to reinvest those dollars back into your community.  The musical talent in this city is as great as in any other city so there is ample opportunity to Listen Local.  Building a relationship with a local artist or band is an amazing feeling.  Being able to support and get to know a creative as they pursue their livelihood and see them grow and evolve as a performer and an artist is an amazing feeling.  As those artists grow they will also be inspiring new generations of artist and help sustain a vibrant cultural community.  

Many of the venues in DC are all ages venues. All ages shows have been part of the DC cultural fabric for decades.  

If you dont know Bloombars then you must check it out.  They host regular musical and cultural programming for all ages but have interactive classes and musical performances on the weekends and in the mornings specifically geared towards younger music lovers. 

Another venue that hosts amazing music in the evening but has some great interactive musical programming for youth during the day is Rhizome in Takoma Park.  

Finally the Anacostia Arts Center hosts regular programming throughout the week highlighting local artists geared towards the entire family,  

The Strathmore and the Kennedy Center Millenium Stage are other venues where you can see local and world class aritsts perform on a regular basis.  Millennium stage at the Kennedy Center has a free show everyday at 6pm where you can see music, dance or theatre on any given evening.  

There are also multiple regular jams or regular shows around the city featuring some of the citys most talented vocalists and musicians.   

Wed - Sun - Sotto (14th St) Jazz FREE on Wed, Thurs and Sun

Wed - Mr. Henrys (Capitol Hill) - Jazz Jam

Thurs - Mr Henrys  (Capitol Hill ) - Bluegrass Americana Jam

Thurs - Petworth Citizen Jazz

​St Stephens Church in Columbia Heights is another all ages venue for Punk and Hardcore music.

Take your kids to locally owned venues to see local bands playing a variety of music. DC is unique because we have so many special places including, but not limited to: 9:30 Club, Black Cat, DC9, Tropicalia, Songbyrd, Pearl Street Warehouse, Union Stage, Ivy City Smokehouse, The Hamilton, Gypsy Sallys, and Comet Ping Pong.  

To check out FREE music outside - go see the Friday Jazz at the Sculpture Garden, numerous regular free outdoor shows at the Wharf, bi weekly summer showcases at Fort Reno Park.

Local Music Festivals are another amazing way to experience some of the cities most amazing performers for free or almost free.  Check out Funk Parade Music Festival (May), Capitol Hill Jazz Festival (coming up this fall), DC Jazz Festival (June), H Street Festival (Sept), Kingman Island Bluegrass and Folk Festival (Spring) 

Resources to find out about local shows include Listen Local First DC (Facebook), DC Music Download, DC Music Rocks, Hometown Sounds, and Showlist DC."

Chris Naoum

Listen Local First D.C.


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